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Presenters with past or scheduled webinars

Presenter Bio- Dr. Craig Duncan
Presenter Bio- Dr. Craig Duncan Dr. Craig Duncan is Head of Human Performance at Sydney FC . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Justin Levine
Presenter Bio- Justin Levine Justin is a fitness specialist that specializes in training triathletes and endurance sport enthusiasts. . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Dr. Perry Nickelston
Presenter Bio- Dr. Perry Nickelston Dr. Perry Nickelston is a Chiropractic Sports Physician with primary focus on Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercise, Metabolic Fitness Nutrition and trained from The American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders. . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Ben Shear
Presenter Bio- Ben Shear Ben Shear is the Founder and Director of Performance at Athletic Edge in Scotch Plains, NJ, a facility which was recently ranked one of the "Top Six Strength and Conditioning Destinations in the Country" by Rodale Press, the Publisher of Men's Health, Women's Health, and Runner's World, to name a few. . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Dr. Ken Cieslak
Presenter Bio- Dr. Ken Cieslak Dr. Cieslak received his undergraduate degree from Kean University, and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University. . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Kevin Neeld
Presenter Bio- Kevin Neeld Kevin Neeld is the Director of Athletic Development for Endeavor Fitness. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) holding a Master's degree in Kinesiology & Exercise Neuroscience (University of Massachusetts Amherst), a Bachelor's degree in Health Behavior Science & Fitness Management, and a minor in Strength and Conditioning (University of Delaware). . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic
Presenter Bio- Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic Cassandra Forsythe, Ph.D., R.D., is a nutrition educator and weight loss coach and is the author of two popular books for women: "The New Rules of Lifting for Women", co-authored with Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove, and "Women's Health Perfect Body Diet". . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Jimmy Smith
Presenter Bio- Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith, nominated as one of the top trainers in The United States in 2009 for a reason. . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Joe Bonyai
Presenter Bio- Joe Bonyai Joe Bonyai, M.Ed., CSCS is the Director of Empower Athletic Development, a sport-focused strength and conditioning facility located in Scarsdale, NY. . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Rachel Cosgrove
Presenter Bio- Rachel Cosgrove Columnist for Women's Health Magazine and has her first book published, The Female Body Breakthrough, by Rodale. . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Chad Krawiec
Presenter Bio- Chad Krawiec Chad is an Assistant Athletic Trainer at Harvard University. . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Gray Cook
Presenter Bio- Gray Cook Founder of the FMS, when not doing red-neck activities, Gray can be seen hurling a kettlebell around. . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Nick Winkelman
Presenter Bio- Nick Winkelman Nick is the Education Performance Specialist for Athletes' Performance. . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Joe Heiler
Presenter Bio- Joe Heiler The "Head Honcho" over at the best site you are not a member of- . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Daniel Martinez
Presenter Bio- Daniel Martinez Daniel currently operates Elite Volleyball Performance in San Antonio, Texas, where he trains volleyball players training with him in his ELITE long-term athlete development program as well as other players from high school and club volleyball programs in the greater San Antonio area. . . . keep reading
Presenter Bio- Sean Skahan
Presenter Bio- Sean Skahan Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Anaheim Ducks . . . keep reading
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OVER 100 Webinars!!
Alwyn Cosgrove- "Five Key Strategies for the Fitness Business."
Michael Boyle- "Beyond Functional Training for Sports"
Tim Vagen-“Shoulder Training using the Kinetic Chain”
Tim Yuhas- "Reducing the Risk of ACL Tears in Female Athletes"
Frank Dolan- "Evaluation and Program Design for Teams and Large Groups"
Mike Boyle-"Understanding Sports Hernias"
Brijesh Patel-"Training Considerations for Basketball
Charlie Weingroff- "Knee Pain Considerations in Training and Rehab"
Brett Jones- "Understanding Mobility What, Why, Targeting, How and the Benefits"
Michael Boyle- "Training Endurance Athletes"
Geralyn Coopersmith- "Training Considerations for Pre- and Post-Natal Women"
Sean Skahan- NHL Player Case Study
Robert Dos Remedios- "'Real World Functional Training: Performance-based Training for ALL Populations'"
Nick Winkelman- "Linear Speed- A Systems Based Approach"
Daniel Martinez-"Medicine Ball Mastery: General Preparation Focused on the Development of Speed and Power"
Joe Heiler- Lumbar Spine Injuries - Rehab and Training Considerations for Athletes
Gray Cook- "A GPS for High Intensity Exercise"
Alwyn Cosgrove-"An Overview of Fitness Programming"
Tara Vagen-"Maximizing Profit in a Personal Training Business"
Chad Krawiec-"Bridging the Gap between the Athletic Trainer and the Srength Coach"
Bruce Kelly-"Case Study- Training a Golfer Using the TPI Model"
Gray Cook-"Athletic Body in Balance"
Rachel Cosgrove-"Making the Breakthrough with Your Female Clients"
Michael Boyle- "ACL Prevention"
Alwyn Cosgrove- "The Truth About Fat Loss Programming"
Joe Heiler- Case Study"
Tim Yuhas- Case Study"
Michael Boyle- "Interval Training"
Jimmy Smith- "Progressive Fat Loss Nutrition and Training "
Joe Bonyai- "The Inside/Outside Edge on Agility"
Alwyn Cosgrove"Guaranteeing Future Income in the Fitness Business
Cassandra Forsythe:"Nutrition & Cancer Prevention, Influence of Lifestyle Choices"
Kevin Neeld: Innovative Practices in Strength and Conditioning
Nick Winkelman"Functional vs. Non-Functional Hypertrophy: Implications for Training Athletes"
Michael Boyle"Designing Strength Training Programs"
Dr. Ken Cieslak "Evaluating the Popular Soft Tissue Therapies: Choosing Which is Best for Your Athlete"
Alwyn Cosgrove"Designing Successful Semi Private Training Programs
Amanda Carlson "Pre/During/Post Nutrition Recovery"
Tim Vagen-"Functional Training for Seniors"
Michael Boyle-"Training Hockey Players
Ben Shear-"New Concepts in Rotary Stability and Training the Rotational Athlete"
Dr. Perry Nickelston-"Soft Tissue Strategies for Fitness Professionals"
Alwyn Cosgrove-"Portal Programming"
Justin Levine-"Functional Strength for Triathletes"
Jaime Rodriquez-"In-Season Assessment and Rehab of a Back and Groin Injury"
Michael Boyle-"Preparing to Workout"
Joe Heiler-" Integrating the Cervical Spine into Training"
Sue Falsone-"The Thoracic Spine: The Missing Link when Discussing the “Core”"
Gray Cook-"Movement- A Breakdown of Gray's New Book"
David O'Sullivan- "Treatment Approaches in Professional Sport - Rugby League"
Nick Winkelman- "Mixed Method Approach to Power Development"
Gray Cook-"Why Screen? Why Not Just Good Programming?"
Alwyn Cosgrove-"21st Century Programming"
Gordon Waddell- "Women are NOT small men!"
Carson Boddicker-"Fancy Feet: a Discussion of The Foot's Influence on the Core and the Core on the Foot"
Mike Wunsch"Practical Semi-Private Training"
Michael Boyle"Power Development for Golfers"
Jim Reeves"Case Study- Professional Hockey Player"
Michael Boyle"Power Development for Golfers"
Dr. Jeff Tucker"Tips to Improve Healthy Aging"
Jim Reeves"Case Study- Professional Hockey Player"
Craig Rasmussen"Coaching Cues 101"
Dr. Tom Hyde"Treating Fascial and Soft tissue Injuries"
Alwyn Cosgrove-"Marketing"
Nick Grantham"Art and Science of Recovery and Regeneration"
Darcy Norman-"Metabolic Training-Fitting It All In"
Dr. Phil Plisky-The Y Balance Test and the Significance of Asymmetries
Charlie Weingroff -"The Core Pendulum Theory"
Michael Boyle -"Simple Patello-Femoral Rehab Ideas"
Dr. Ken Cieslak -"Utilizing Manipulative Therapies in the Clinical Setting"
Dr. Perry Nickelston-"AIS- Movement Based Stretching"
Alwyn Cosgrove-"Fitness Business Basics"
Patrick Ward-"The Physiology of The Stress Response"
Elsbeth Vaino-"Excel Tips for Trainers"
Michael Boyle- "3 Pendulums That Have Swung Too Far"
Alwyn Cosgrove-A Response to Michael Boyle
Darcy Norman-Are the Lats the 5th Abdominal?"
Tim Yuhas-Optimal Training for Today's High School Athlete"
Keats Snideman"Training The Sprint-Athlete: Improving Durability & Performance"
Justin Levine"Warming Up for Peak Performance"
Charlie Weingroff"Rehab=Training, Training=Rehab" Q&A
Michael Boyle-"25 Mistakes, 2011"
Josh Henkin"Re-examining Dynamic Variable Resistance Training"
Alwyn Cosgrove-"The Hierarchy of Marketing"
John D'Amico-"The Aging Golf Athlete"
Dr. Craig Duncan-"Monitoring Performance" Frank Dolan- "The Movement Prep Continuum"
Sean Skahan- "In-Season Training for Hockey"
Tony Mikla- "Developing Rotational Power"
Michael Boyle-"25 Mistakes, 2011- Part 2"
Alwyn Cosgrove-"Changing the Way Fitness is Done"
Kevin Neeld-"Assessing the Hip"
Mike Potenza-"The Hockey Development Paradigm: Concepts in coaching and training"
Elsbeth Vaino-"Exercise Progressions and Regressions"
Jeff Cubos-"Variability for Stability: the stability-motor control continuum"
Michael Boyle-"Medicine Ball Progressions"
Art Horne-"Barefoot Running- Hip or Hype?"
Alwyn Cosgrove-"Training Strategies for Fat Loss Clients"
Chris Nentarz-"Kinesiology Taping Strategies"
Charlie Weingroff-"Program Thinking- The Design Behind The Program"
Michael Boyle-"Complete Training for Basketball"
Alwyn Cosgrove-"From Prospect to Client"
Rob Panariello-"Post ACL Rehab Progressions"
Paul Gorman-"Dynamic Shoulder Stabilization"
Michael Boyle-"Fat Loss 2011"
Brianna Diorio-"Paleo Principles Simplified"
Tom Michaud-"Human Locomotion"
Dr. Erson Religioso III-"Eclectic Strategies for Improving Hip Motion"
Alwyn Cosgrove-"The Complete Guide to the Fitness Business- Part 1- Marketing"
Dr. Brooks Tiller-"Shoulder Stability for the Overhead Athlete"
Rob Panariello"Rehab and Athletic Performance Training Progression- Post-Op Overhead/Throwing Shoulder"
Alwyn Cosgrove-"The Complete Guide to the Fitness Business- Part 2- Sales"
VIDEO- Gray Cook- Ankle Mobility in the Deep Squat
VIDEO- Gray Cook- Gray Cook teaches Mike Boyle the "Brettzel" stretch
Perry Nickelston-"Neural Edge Training: Regress to Progress "
Devan McConnell-"Off-Season Training for Team Sports "
Wil Fleming-"Practical Olympic Lifts: A model for trainers and clinicians
Robert Dos Remedios-"Incorporating Non-Traditional Training Tools to your Existing Programs- 2 Part Series"
Pat Ward-"The Role of Stress Resistance in Athletic Performance and Program Design- Part 1"


Pat Ward-"The Role of Stress Resistance in Athletic Performance and Program Design- Part 2"
Devan McConnell-"In-Season Training for Team Sports "
Alwyn Cosgrove-"The Complete Guide to the Fitness Business- Part 3- Systems"